Green Dwarf Clan Population: 288 Clan Prince: Andr Dagrsson Eskr Ísleifur Fortress: Fallborg

The green dwarves of Fallborg are members of the Ísleifur clan. They were originally located in the Balmorn Hills in the Arinnfal but found coal-mining there to be a poor life. The Clan-prince Andr Dagrsson determined to lead his people to a better way of living and thus brought them into Claulan. They searched for several years for a place to settle to mine the legendary firegold to no avail.

In X498 the entire clan, while on a move through the mountains, were caught in a pass during a snowstorm. With great fear for their lives, they descended into a valley found by the clan scouts and hid there for several months to stay safe from the storm. During their forcible retirement there they discovered a vein of firegold in the hidden vale.

Since that day they have carved out a hidden fortress for themselves, surrounding it with a palisade of wood and surmounting the hilltop with a wooden fortress. The clan is still recovering from their days as coal-miners, so many of the Ísleifur still fear a return to those days.

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