Town Population: 2,000 Government: Aravasta Vesiles, Lord of Vesillä Defenses: Hunters, war-rangers

Vesilla is a small agricultural town set among the great oaks, ivy, and silvery beech that make up the region’s forests. Laid out on a small creek, the town’s major points of income include a small water-wheeled mill for milling the grains of nearby farms, and a huntsman’s common hall. The huntsmans’ hall, an ornate elvish construct of yellow river-rock and blonde oak all carved about with scenes of fens and waterfowl, attracts adventurers from around the area all season long. The elvish farmers that make up the bulk of population tend to garden-farms and grain fields grown between the massive trees of Silversong.

This town exists within the purview of the Talo Valnamas (“House of Whiteharbor”), one of the chief great houses of Silversong.

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Abridged History of the 10th Age Cryosaur