the Rayanad

This book is a collection of Sixth Age poetry written by Alder deFroen. These poems are as close to central writings of the Temple of the Rose as anything ever created. They deal with the nature of the Goddess and of love, and of art, and of loss. It is said that deFroen was losing his eyesight as he wrote and, by the final bleak poems of the Rayanad he had gone completely blind.

The most famous triplet of the poem (and the one most quoted) is “Your love is free/is fearless/and in you there is no sin,” often used to describe the nature of Raya’s devotion to each of us as well as the devotion the holy Freesingers are meant to feel when they have sex with their supplicants.

Important passages

The sky is warm and silent,

the air is still and close.

My heartsong burns,

is violent,

As I feel your stirring skin.

The sun is rising quiet,

I tremble at the door.

I yearn for you

to try it,

But I’ve nothing left to win.

The wind is free and careless,

my heart is on my brow.

Your love is free

is fearless,

and in you there is no sin.

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the Rayanad

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