Temple of the Sacred Fire

Temple Complex High Priestess: Olivea of the Flame Gods: Osvea, Haeron

The Temple of the Sacred Fire is an ancient site some few hours south of Miles that once served as a focal point for many of the Third and Fourth Age city-states. It was devoted to Osvea, Goddess of the Hearth, and dominated by a hypostyle hall that served as the repository of her eternal flame on earth. Treasuries of the great city-states (Miles, Byblos, Mercantis, Vaer) as well as public altars of other faiths turned this location into a thriving town and the cult once commanded a great deal of wealth in form of tribute. Indeed, one of the most ancient monuments in the Hearthland, the Byblian Column, resides at the Temple of the Sacred Fire, donated by the desiccated and abandoned city of Byblos.

In the year X.506 the Ironbreakers accompanied a group of wandering Osvean priests south to restore the site, which had fallen into ruin after the end of the Second Empire. Sponsored by the imperial coffers, the effort has reignited the Eternal Flame (which is believed to bring Osvea’s blessing to the city of Miles) and is considered to be one of the most important new pilgrimage sites in the Third Empire.

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Temple of the Sacred Fire

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