Temple of the Rose

Deity: Raya

The worship of Raya is, like many lesser Gods and Goddesses, poorly organized in its structure. As the Goddess of freedom, her clerics mislike being told what to do and strongly object to organized hierarchy. However, in her aspect as the Goddess of Love she requires places where her mendicants can purchase oils, salves, and potions and make offerings to entreat her.

The Temple

Alignment: CG

Unlike some other temples, the Temple of the Rose has no central structure. Each of the outposts is in some form of communication with the others, though often spotty and far between. However, each individual outpost of Raya governs itself and makes its own rules. There aren’t even any holy manuscripts, though the poems called the Rayanad are the most well-accepted of texts that many Rayan clerics hold as, if not sacred, then at least important.

The Temple of the Rose does adjudicate over one major festival every year: the Libernian Festival, when freedom, love, beauty, and art are celebrated throughout the North. During the Libernian Festival it is believed that if any man slays another he shall be punished in the afterlife and his soul is under sacral interdict. Likewise, it is said that any artistic work undertaken on the Libernian Festival shall be blessed with Raya’s own blessing.

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Temple of the Rose

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