Soturi's Stronghold

Built in IX.1004 the stronghold was part military fortress and part wizard’s lair. It’s story is a strange one; The elf maiden Soturi left Sidabrìnä in the closing of the Ninth Age for the Vales. Legend says that she was betrothed to a Prince she did not want to marry and snuck off with her wizard-lover, an elf named Temüro.

Together they founded what was then known as the Smalwood Circle, a cabal of sorcerers who resided in the wood. Enlisting gnomes from the forests south of Silversong, they built up a sizeable but short-lived domain.

Soturi’s Stronghold was abandoned in X.18 after many of the Circle’s plans failed to materialize and the group split up. Rumors abounded of an orgiastic sexually liberated environment amongst those living there, though they were never proved true (or untrue for that matter!) However, Soturi and her lover were murdered by Ashblade Assassins at the behest of some unknown patron a few years later.

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Soturi's Stronghold

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