Sacred Knights of the Rose

Also known as “Roseknights,” these are a knightly order of priests that serve the Mistress of Love and Beauty. Lacking a central authority or any hierarchical structure beyond the individual foundation, the Roseknights are many and varied in the lands throughout Arunia. However, they do all hew to a single set of books which guides and instructs the various houses of Roseknights. These are the Rayanad and the Canons of the Rose.

The Canons set out a detailed and strict code of ethics that Roseknights are bound to follow. It also establishes the rankings within the Order, namely:

Rose Squire The very first rank within the Order, this is bestowed upon a faithful page who has mastered the tests of the Rayan novitiate. Rose squires rarely serve a single foundation for more than a year and often journey into the wild to find their own way, as suggested by the Fourth Canon: Each Knight must find their own way to Raya

Rose Bachelor To earn the bacheloriate, squires must be recognized by a Hierophant of one of the Order’s foundations. Promotion may occur at any point in a squire’s career, but usually not until after the squire has proved themselves.

Knight of the Rose Once achieving the bacheloriate, bachelors are reviewed upon a yearly basis by whatever foundation they spend the most time near. At the end of the year if the Hierophant and the three Attendants feel the promotion is merited, the bachelor is knighted.

Provost of the Rose A position obtained by election in a given foundation, Provosts are appointed to deal with all manner of duties from provisioning to organization.

Rose-Marshal The master-at-arms of a foundation, usually the most skilled or dedicated knight.

High Provost There are only three in any given foundation, and they serve as conciliar assistants to the Hierophant.

Hierophant of the Order Equivalent to a grandmaster, the Hierophants have absolute say in their foundation. New Hierphants are elected by the High Provosts (who are appointed, upon retirement, by the Hierophant from the ranks of the Provosts).

Each of the houses of the Knights acts independently underneath its Hierophant. These foundations exert a web of influence over their own regions, but are nearly powerless abroad. Houses of the Sacred Order of the Rose are generally composed of a keep, barracks, and a Rayan temple as well as the traditional Rayan garden.

Canons of the Rose:

THE FIRST CANON No member of the Order shall disdain the instructions of a priest(ess) of the Holy Temple.

THE SECOND CANON Each Knight must bend their will to the Hierophant and House nearest to them.

THE THIRD CANON All Knights shall be upright in the face of adversity. All efforts shall be made to alleviate the suffering of others.

THE FOURTH CANON Each Knight must find their own way to Raya.

THE FIFTH CANON Obedience means less than justness and uprightness.

THE SIXTH CANON The wanton destruction of beauty cannot be tolerated.

THE SEVENTH CANON Each Knight shall strive to bring beauty into the world by whatever means at their disposal.

Sacred Knights of the Rose

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