“The city was in mortal fear of the Silencers for nearly two months. Those adventurers had been sent by the Emperor to secure the allegiance of the coast, and they took their duty seriously; and they also took a chance to loot.”

-Records of the Noble Council of Razeya, Furrow 24th X501


The city of Razeyah has been named the regional capital of the Coast of Scythes by the Ardon Ry Ymeron. It is located around twenty miles from the shore along the Colony Highway. The shoreline itself is dotted with docks that service the city and a small town has grown up there to transport goods into Razeyah.

The city itself is built on a series of rocky hills overlooked by the Council Palace on the tallest of them all. Council Hill is covered in huge noble manors with high walls and large yards. Beneath the Palace is the great market where goods from the south and east are sold.

The city is ringed with low worn walls, relics of the Second Empire period that have been periodically repaired. The walls have four gates; the Narrows Gate to the north, the Seacoast to the east, the Colony Gate ot the south and the Slumgate to the west. On the western side of the city clusters the stinking slums, where the poor live. None may pass into Razeyah from the slums without paying a toll of a single copper piece.

Politically, the city relies on a delicate balance of power. There are several merchant guilds that form the Merchant’s Council which has no official power but realistically has a great say in city policy. The Noble Council makes all of the decisions, but is influenced greatly by the merchants. In addition to this (and the presence of the underworld) there is now a regional Governor who was installed by the Ymeron.

The Governor of Razeya is Thelemus Delac.

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