Village and Mansio Population: 700 Bailiff: Sieur Valance

News: Of late, the people of Ostalric have had cause to celebrate the Ironbreakers for destroying the manticore north of town, which had been lodged within a sandy cave there for nearly six months.

The town was founded during the First Empire as a viator’s waypoint. It was only recently re-occupied by Thyrnessan forces some 45 years ago. The viator’s station has been rebuilt, along with the ancient Osvean Shrine and a new Noranian Traders’ Warehouse. The town is essentially composed of two squares joined at the south-eastern and north-western corners, surrounded by high plaster walls of a type not common since the end of the Second Empire. While there are a few side streets, most of the town’s business is conducted before the L-shaped Wayhouse near the front gate. The town is located off the road, about a quarter of a rod north of the highway.

The gates are closed after nightfall. Locals from the town are drafted each week by the bailiff to serve as nightwardens at the Ostalric gates (two on each gate, outfitted with leather jacks and staves).

The Wayhouse

The Viator’s Waystation within the walls is one of the larger ones on the Pillar Road in this direction. It’s L-shaped, built up against the outer wall, and contains a bath, a common room for the bar, a taproom and buttery, a kitchen, and rooms to sleep in. These cost 5sc/night to those not on imperial business. Private rooms are 1t/night.

The stable can old 25 horses, and there are 10 horses associated with the Wayhouse (ie, it keeps ten in stock at any given time).

The Osvean Shrine
Divine Laermena

A tholos temple with a marble dome of striated blue and white stone, this shrine houses a sacred Osvean flame. The interior is dark, lit only by the fire in the heart of the temple. Learmena is normally in attendence at the shrine.

Noranian Traders
Ferghail Ferny

Built in X.499, this warehouse serves as the central headquarters for all Noranian Traders goods heading eastward into Mermarche and northward into Seagard. A very busy depot, caravans and wagons are constantly arriving and departing at the loading crane out front. Ferghail Ferny’s offices are located just inside, a pair of rooms dedicated to bookkeeping and rest.

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