Nobility of Dorlan

House Petrucci

One of the major players in Dorlish politics, House Petrucci has produced many potent statesmen. None have been more powerful, however, than Enzeo Petrucci, the crippled Archmage General of the Dorlish army. In general, the Petrucci’s have been known as schemers and graspers rather than excellent sorcerers, so it has come to some surprise to Dorlan that this family produced the greatest Archmage of Dorlan.

Petrucci family members hold numerous important posts throughout the mageocracy, from major appointments to smaller ones like Port Masters and the like. Their network extends all throughout Dorlan. They are known to have something of a rivalry with the Baldanno family and they have been trading treachery for a generation.

The device of the Petrucci is a single falcon swooping down as though to grab its prey and its colors are brown and silver.

House Marcore

One of three noble houses in Tyrolin to share the same heritage, the Marcore’s are actually an elf-blooded house. Many of their members are half-elves (though Marcore the other two elf-blood houses are encouraged to marry full-blood elves and the firstborn heir of the House MUST do so in order to preserve the elven lineage) though some remain full blooded elves as well.

The device of the Marcore is the head of a manticore and its colors are gold and blue.

House Baldanno

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Nobility of Dorlan

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