A breakaway republic that was once a major province of the Avar Kingdoms (never Thyrnesse, however, since that “kingdom” was founded in X290), Meirenia declared its freedom in X88, establishing a council of powerful and influential nobles. The entire land is administrated by this body, known as the High Thrones. The Thrones were once available only to noble families, but in recent years wealthy Meirenian wool merchants have purchased several seats for themselves.

Meirenia is the perfect land for grazing, and as such exports a good deal of its sheepswool. In fact, the Republic is divided into two major regions; there are those areas that are wide open fields, suited for sheep, and rocky promontories and outcrops where not much grows. These rocky portions are generally scattered throughout the plains like islands in a sea of grass, somewhat like the anomalous red rock island of Redhorne in the Vales. Unlike Redhorne, these promontories are rarely settled by men. In Meirenia, these stone lumps and hills are known to be places of gnomish settlements. These settlements fall outside the rule of the Thrones save for justice against outsiders and for a small tax burden. Otherwise, they rule themselves.

The capital of Meirenia is Dolnon, which is a large city that sits in a basin by the Inner Sea. Much like Tourons, Dolnon receives a good deal of shipping traffic and it is said that Dolonese wool merchants are friendly with the elves of Oronë as they supply that island-fastness with wool to make fabric.

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