Knights Mendicant

The Knights Mendicant are a holy order devoted to Vaela the Warden. They are also known as the Pilgrim Knights and the Poor Knights of Vaela. Unlike the Order of the Sword Militant, the Mendicants dress in somber browns, blacks, and reds. They do have strongholds (many in the Milean Empire and some elsewhere) but prefer to be on the road as much as possible. They frequently spend time with adventurers in some capacity or another.

The Poor Knights have a very loose structure of command, the most obvious being that the order is run by the Roadwarden at Bataille.

The money with which a knight will swathe himself in fine silks and dyes, in pomanders and poultices of cinnamon, shall instead be given to the poor. -The Book of the Poor Knights

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Knights Mendicant

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