Gods of the Gnomes

Leesha Roseheart

Greater Goddess Alignment: CG Portfolio: Wanderlust, Farming, Halflings Dogma: The world is like to the Greensward, and Leesha will always protect you if you call her name. Epithets: the Hobbit Queen

Leesha Roseheart is the Mother of the Gnomes; she is depicted in myth as having had an affair with both Quilian Knowais and Eiri Earthfather. Since the dwarves purport to be the older of the two races, it must be assumed that the gnomes are the children of Quilian’s union with her (and perhaps that is why the gnomes do not often worship Eiri).

Quilian Knowais

Greater God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Scholarship, knowledge, invention Dogma: Preserve the past, understand the future. Epithets: the Wise, the Far-seeing

Called Quill in the human pantheon, Quilian Knowais is the god of knowledge and learning which gnomes value very much. One of the two major gnomish Gods, Quilian’s dictates have produced some of the finest scholars in the world and most are gnomes. These include the former Quilian acolyte, [[:Hamish Letterfriend]].

Solman Woodhome

Lesser God Alignment: CN Portfolio: Woods, trees, woodcraft, sneaking Dogma: Epithets: the Soft-footed, Woodhome

Solman Woodhome is frequently worshiped by wood-dwelling gnomes. While his cult is not the most important of the gnomish religions, most wooded gnomish villages have at least a single altar and cleric dedicated to his worship. It is believed that Solman gave the gnomes the gifts which make them particularly skilled at sneaking and woodcraft.

Halmun Deepdelve

Lesser God Alignment: TN Portfolio: Mines, rocks, stones, minerals, gems Dogma: Epithets: Deepdelve

Halmun Deepdelve provides the gnomes who live within rocky outcroppings, hills, or mountains the same manner of aegis as that of Solman Woodhome. He is believed to have given gnomes the gift of stonecraft and gem cutting and also to have instilled in them their love of shiny gemstones.

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Gods of the Gnomes

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