The vale of Feindal is heavily populated and one of the major centers of agriculture in the Arinnfal. Heavily settled, small towns simply run together into long tracks of nearly indistinguishable farmland. Several large knots of settlement stand out in the Feindal, where grain is stored centrally and where temples are located. Feindal is one of the most peaceful regions in the Arinnfal; surrounded by the Estbjar Mountains and the Gnaefborg Range and protected by the Steinnvel it is not in great danger from invasion or raids.

That is not to say that the wealthy Feindal has never been raided. During the War of Maeren’s Crown, the Steinnvel was bypassed by a swift-moving Claulan army that struck reprisals deep into the valley. Of course, the Steinnvel plugged the head of Feindal and their forces slaughtered the interlopers.

The Feindal’s deepest reaches end in the clear blue deeps of Lake Saeriss, fed by meltwater from the icy peaks of the Gnaefborgs. By the waters of the lake is the folk-hall of Djurhald, who’s princely clan holds sway over all the Feindal valley.

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