Green Dwarf Fortress Clan: Ísleifur Chief Temple: Helden Population: 320 Clan Prince: Andr Dagrsson Eskr Ísleifur



The Ísleifur clan was drawn to Claulan by the lure of firegold in the Brandgelts three decades ago. They wandered around looking for a vein of firegold to mine or a good place to situate a fort for many years. In 499, the Ísleifur got lost during a storm and Clan Prince Andr led them into a narrow valley. While shying away from the nearby ruins of the Shining Anvil Temple, the dwarves decided to settle there for a while until the snow cleared the following spring. However, during the winter an experimental minehead was sunk and located a vein of the extremely valuable ore.

In the years following the clan did not leave the valley, nor did any outsiders stumble upon them. For months they subsisted on the supplies they carried with them, though recently they have needed to send out ranging parties and have begun farms with the remainder of their grain. The mine proceeds apace, and once a good amount of gold has been stockpiled the dwarves intend to open trade with the Alval route.

Since X.501, the walls of Fallborg have been improved and expanded, replaced with stone courses that have wallwalks and an impressive gate system. Most of the wooden buildings in the lower ring are still standing, but the upper buildings, the temples, and the Prince’s Citadel have all been rebuilt in dwarf-cut stone.

People and Services

A tavern and inn was founded by a Valelan adventurer in X.501, the first such to cater to outsiders. Since then, the High Tavern has been joined by Waywarden’s Rest and the King’s Arms, all made of wood and located in the lower wooden section of Fallborg. These buildings see a steady trade in travelers these days, particularly since the dwarves cleared out and leveled the ruins of the Metropolitan’s Temple nearby, making the pass once again safe for merchants.

The most important people of the fort are Andr Dagrsson, the aitlaird, Halvor Halvorsson, the clan’s Earthkeeper, and Elga Alvorsdottir, the clan’s Stoneward. There is also Tyra Magnissdottir, the War Maiden and Captain of the clan’s warbands. Kanath Dagrsson, Andr’s brother, serves the temple as well.

Nearby Landmarks

The Giant’s Perch – a cave located on a mountaintop overlooking the secluded valley and an ancient Fourth Age Milean landmark-pillar which speaks of a commander Heleon’s victory over an ancient Gigantine kingdom, Giant’s Perch is well known for housing between two to ten hill giants at any given time. The dwarves give it a wide berth.

The Shining Anvil – a ruined temple originally from the fourth age, dedicated to the worship of Avauna and Haeron. It has become infested with insects and other less wholesome things since its sacking by the Tarved loyalists during Mastricht vel Clauren’s unifications of Claulan.

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