A History of Tarvia

Even vel Holtt

The kingdom of Tarvia had its foundation in the late second century of the Tenth Age. During that time, the kingdom of Middlemark was suffering blows from several sources; Its people were impoverished and a series of food crises (as well as a brief resurgence of the hideous Bleeding Plague in the region that is now known as Anarea) were working internally. From the outside, the Stonemark monarchs had just solidified their kingdom into a force to rival the Avarine lands across the sea. Northwards, nomadic tribes in the southern regions of the former protectorate of Dorlinum (modern Dorlan) had begun to raid through and across the Low Marsh and the Trollsump swamps.

Though other scholars may disagree with me–particularly Reynarius di Llun–I believe that Middlemark was ripe to collapse. A dynastic crisis in the 220s led to the establishment of powerful magnates from some of the main servants of the Middlemark kings. One of these was the vel Tarved family, which controlled the central regions of the Brandgelt mountains; while Reynarius may argue that they were destined for mightiness, it is my own position that their location in a hard-to-reach border region of the kingdom allowed them to accrue power incommensurate with their station. Either way, in the 230s and 240s they became king in all but name throughout much of the Thørnwood and the Brandgelts.

In 253 of the Tenth Age, the Middlemarch dynasty righted itself. It seemed headed for a recovery; but the vel Tarveds could hardly allow this to occur, as it would infringe on their power in the mountainous regions. Indeed, the Haeliens (the dynasty that controlled Middlemark during those years) could hardly finish securing their realm without putting Tarvan vel Tarved in his place as a true subordinate of the crown.

Tarvan defied the king at Anar’s Watch for decades and finally, in an alliance with other Brandgelt barons, carved Middlemark into two pieces: Anarea and Tarvia. The land of Anaria went into steep decline with the loss of its two periphery regions, and today Anar’s Watch is nothing more than a village stop on the road to the Free Cities.

Tarvans direct descendants were killed in the fighting, but his cousin Steinhart (along with his wife, the famous Queen Ayane vel Weyl) took over his new kingdom. They had five children between the years 257-69, the legendary Five Princes of Tarvia. These were, of course, Karhart the Red Prince, Alanne the Blue Prince, Ogus the White Prince, Miles the Green Prince, and Henry the Gray Prince. These five men ruled Tarvia jointly after the death of their father in the year 298. They were intermittently at war with one another, dividing the realm up into absurd partitions-the Red, Blue, White, Green, and Gray domains.

However, it was the sons of Alanne the Blue Prince who went on to become the rulers of Tarvia for several more generations. His death was marked as a kingdom wide tragedy, and it is said that his daughters chose a secret burial place for him in the mountains so his brothers would not defile his body.

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A History of Tarvia

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