Taitavel and Galdri

Owners of the Hammersong Smithy, a dwarf and elf


Taitavel the Sorrowing is a wiry but very muscular elf who stands about average height for his people (around 6’2") and has long blond hair. His eyes are a stormy grey and he is quite taciturn for an elf. He was the master smith of the Noronian temple for many years and he is said to have crafted the mail that the Sunswords wear.

Galdri, on the other hand, is a short stumpy dwarf with white hair and a prodigious white beard. His eyes are green and his face is quite craggy and crinkled. That he’s lived a long life is transparent from his bearing and his features. He also wears a large golden key upon a chain around his neck, mysteriously identifying him as one of the Dwarven Master Smiths – perhaps the only one outside of the Arinnfal.

They are the co-owners of the Hammersong Smithy.

Taitavel and Galdri

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