Kamelin Alore

King of Byrne


King of Byrne, Master of the Oronian Coasts, and Keeper of the Flocks, Kamelin Alore is the last in a long line of shepherd-kings who rose from the chaos of Peppinid Thyrnesse. The Alore have ruled Byrne since it became a kingdom of its own in X332.

Kamelin’s life was marked by hardship: at the age of two his mother was taken by the Gray Sickness and wasted away. By the time he was ten, his father, Marlimor Alore, had been stricken with madness and young Kamelin was forced to take command of the country. His advisers schemed against him, plotting a day when the boy would ascend to power and be a willing puppet, but he outsmarted them at every turn and eventually discredit them as agents of the Thyrnessian crown.

The weight of Kamelin’s choices lays on him like a thundercloud. His wife, Serafina, is known for her kind ministrations to him and her exhortations that the kingdom take up the banner of Byrne and defy the Avar kings at Miles. He has two daughters, Leyliel and Mellene. There are, as yet, no sons to inherit the kingdom.

Kamelin Alore

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