An outwardly ruthless and sadistic sprite with a sharp tongue and a sharper mohawk.


He’ll kick you apart!


Something stirred, something dark and sinuous whipped about in an agitated torpor, like the tail of a cat. Black as nothing at all and composed of the same, bound by no comprehensible force but straining against its bonds by its very nature, it seethed in its loathing of all that is… but it need not. In the blink of an eye for something so eternal, it knew, it would soon be released.
A fool would come, a braggard, it knew, and it would be unfettered, and surge forth. Deep within the tombs of trolls it lie, deeper even than those who would call tombs their homes would dare, but soon, so soon, would it boil up like pus, and bring the nothingness from which it sprang to all around it.


Abridged History of the 10th Age Ilarion