Danaxus the Alchemist


Danaxus lives in a two story workshop next to the herbalists shop known as the Pestle. An alchemists retort is painted on his signboard, and the ground floor is devoted completely to his alchemical art. His private chambers are located above his laboratory. He is deep into his middle age, his hair thinning and the chin-beard he wears a faded brown-gray.

The first floor is a single open room attended by his six apprentices, complete with a furnace in the rear left corner for reduction and other alchemical techniques requiring heat. A small area for customers (10×10) is walled off by waist-high rails near the door. The rest of the room is an insane profusion of alchemical gear, most of which is actually used for mundane alchemical compounds rather than anything dangerous or complex. Only the simplest, cheapest, and most mundane of techniques are performed in the ground floor lab.

Danaxus can be hired for a sum of money dependent on the type of work that one is seeking. He is a master of potion concoction, and can provide almost any type of magical compound one might desire. However, he is a very secretive man and entering his lab unbidden will generally set him on edge.

Danaxus the Alchemist

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