Way Inn

Inn, waystation, and tavern Owner/Proprietor: Roger Griswald

Run by Roger Griswald and the Griswald clan, the Way Inn is the last stop on the Saltgate Road for many many miles. Nearly a town in and of itself, the Way is composed of a central three-story building of stone and a number of wooden outbuildings.

These outbuildings are surrounded by a low stone wall, which opens to the north and the south along the roadway. Northwards, there is a shallow drainage ditch and a little stone bridge that crosses it. Southward is only the great Saltgate Road and the Holton River (forded by a large many-pyloned stone structure).

The Griswalds are a large family, and all live within the central building of the Way. There are four Griswald brothers (the eldest being Roger Griswald, Junior) and five Griswald sisters as well as Roger the Elder and his wife, Lilea. Another lives with them, a sort of groundskeeper in the body of the elf Anaryn Dayr.

Accommodations can range from simple (2 copper coins a night, in the common room on the second floor often called the Map Room) to elegant (4 silver coins a night, in one of the outbuildings of the Inn).

The Inn has been the target of goblin raids before (most notably in 492 when the goblins tore across Northvale) and thus each of the Griswald boys has been taught to hold his own with a sword, scythe, pitchfork, or the like.

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Way Inn

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