“Upon entering the giant’s territory we discovered that they were particularly inept at catching the small folk. Curly Firebeard immediately made use of this by tricking the giants away from the ruins they were camped in. We moved in quickly behind them, and started combing the area for treasure and possible places to rest for the night. Firebeard, after coming back from his escapade, told us that they ‘wouldn’t be back for many days’ with a laugh in his voice. Still, for all the treasure rumored to be here, this land is cold and desolate and the giants are no different.”

Memoirs of an Adventurer, Ser Harlen deVonne, X495

Referred to as a “kingdom” by most due to that being the average state-formation of Men in the North, Umbrinol is in fact nothing of the sort. Nor is it a Republic like Meirenia. The Giants of Umbrinol are a loose formation of kin-groupings that cleave to their ancient lands and live in a few several dilapidated cities that still stand on the Umbrinol plains or in the shadows of the Umber Mountains.

These sparse groups of giants live amongst the Gigantine ruins of the old Umbren lands. Unlike most of the places where giants once lived, the giants of Umbrinol still live in fairly large numbers. Almost constantly in conflict with either each other or the Goblin Lands west of the Vales, the giants find little time to cause trouble.

From time to time, the giants strike with semi-organized raids into Haugrund, or northwards into Cymballar, or even westward into Opria though the Swords of Night are more fierce than any gigantine raiders. The worst fighting, however, has been against the forest giants of Rootwood. Every so often some influential gigantine leader will unite many of the giant kin-groupings and drive them to Rootwood to fight their ancient foes.

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