Greater God Alignment: NE Portfolio: Mud, rivers, rulership Dogma: To rule is Epithets: the Mud King

Toynash was the boldest of the Felnumen, the Mud Lords who ventured out of Valingas when Galos left the Garden in the Second Age. He has wrestled for control of the Goblin pantheon over the long centuries, but has more than often come out on top. The goblins themselves were created from the river-mud by Toynash, and they are his favored folk. He is worshiped by the goblin folk in different ways – in Atva Arunye he is most frequently worshiped under the moon by the tyrannous kings of the goblin lands, while beyond the Straights of the Moon his clergy is much more organized and formal.

Hobgoblins and goblins both revere him as a creator, and these worshipers often war with the other Youngest Races (orcs and the other goblinoids in particular) for they each revere their own creator-god of the Felnumen as prime which the goblins cannot abide.

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