“There are only two types of people who claim to be Emperor; children, and madmen.”

Orvius Kavalson, Conclave Mage

“Just because you cannot imagine a man who does not want power for its own sake does not mean that man does not exist.”

Tamerin III Galoen, Ardon Ry Ymheron of Miles


Thyrnesse no longer exists. The land that formerly filled its borders is now known as the Third Milean Empire, or simply the Third Empire. The Ardon Ry Tamerin III Galoen declared himself Emperor after a failed assassination attempt (which took the life of his supporter and bodyguard, Cornus Radcliffe) outside of Tourons. The wars he has launched have in short order produced sworn allegiance of the so-called Avarine Colonies, which are now part of the Empire.

Currently, the Emperor’s armies do battle on two fronts—with the Byrnish north of the Inner Sea and with the Meirenians south of it (where Grandmaster Jaque Sarjent commands the frontier).

Even the High Lawkeeper and High Priest of Haeron, Elarent Pellan, has recognized the new Emperor. After being held in the temple-complex at Miles for several weeks by Hearthland knights, Pellan had a religious epiphany, causing him to declare the Hiereans in Byrne and Meirenia to be “blasphemers, in violation of cannon oath to the Emperor of Miles.”

Old Thyrnessan Territories:

Newly Acquired Territories:

Thyrnessian scholars are also responsible for the coming of the Tenth Age, as it was due to the murder-suicide of Ry Hedrion and Rys Morrigau, the last two members of the Elsoín dynasty which was the only noble line in Thyrnesse that can be directly traced back to the First Men that the Age-change was called for.

The men of Thyrnesse were once long-ago known as Avars, as preserved in the elvish name for the First Men, the Avarië. Thus, the adjective describing Thyrnessians is frequently Avar or Varan. It is believed that this is where the name of their current language (High Varan) comes from.

More information on Avar politics can be found at Nobility of Thyrnesse.

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