The realm of Thegnas has not always been, nor will it likely always be. A confluence of circumstances has allowed it to arise out of the warring kingdoms of the Thegn-lands. Either way, all of Thegnas shares a certain set of quirks that makes the region easy to discuss as a whole.

The most interesting feature is the tree-idol of Irminsul, which they believe supports the heavens. Irminsul is a manifestation of the will of Eleia, though the people of Thegnas personify the tree as it’s own deity (often thought to be Eleia’s son by Aros the Wind). Even the dwarvish, halfling, gnomish, and elvish population in and near Thegnas subscribe to the worship of Irminsul.

Thegnas is as politically fractured as it is possible for a region to be. Due to the pressures of Dorlan in the north and Weyland in the south, the smaller regions have come together for what may be the first time in history. The Thegns (mostly human, though there are surprisingly several dwarf-thegns) of the area are like local lords or knights. They have recently pledged their support of High-Thegn and Overchief Camthen Hyre.

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