The Vales

“The Vales, having always been the home of free-loving people who had no desire to bow to any worldly power, resisted the Teralian overtures at conquest. Yet the men of Teral were strong and had at their command many resources while the Vales were poor, and without knights or armies. So it was that in X113 the general Archet crossed the North River and began the final conquest. The resistance raged against Teral for two years until the signing of the Pact of Ferling in X115, placing the Vales firmly under Teralian administration.”

The Wars of Teral, Aljana Di Silano, 10th Age

The northerly vales were once a commercial suburb of the old Teralian kingdom. When it collapsed, the vales were reduced to a backwater. Old trade routes became disused paths up into the wild north. Even the elven city of Cathadria collapsed when there was no hinterland to ship it food.

Nowadays the vales are a comfortable if somewhat undeveloped land. Each vale is ruled by it’s own government and array of customs, leftover from the days when Teralian overseers supported friendly holdings there. The most famous of the vales is Northvale, where the old emporium of Eastwick still stands.

Coins: People in the Vales take any kind of coins they can get their hands on. The most widely used internally are the old Teralian coins (golden Hands, silver Fingers, copper Nails) but the largest influx is from Thyrnesse (platinum Crowns, golden Pillars, silver Towers, and copper shields).

Places in the Vales


Blackwood Forest

Northmount Abbey

Bone Vale

Downing Vale




Rivers and Lakes of the Vales

The Old River

The Rhun River

The North River

The Bendwater

The Holton River

Archet’s Pond

Lake Tychon


Michel’s Pool

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The Vales

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