The Cracked Crock

The Cracked Crock was founded in 408 by the Lawkeeper and the King of Thyrnesse. The tavern and inn was built as part of a series of waystations for knights and guardsmen to travel to the Lonely Lands. The Crock subsists on monies paid by the Temple of Miles to the town of Lonling for the inn’s upkeep. The locals drink and gather there with some frequency even though the Emperor rarely sends soldiers up north that way any longer.

The Crock is a three story building partially built into a small hillside. This makes the ground floor essentially a basement. There is a single main taproom open to the second story. There are actual set tables (rather than trestle tables) which are each set into booth-like niches in the walls.

The tavern is currently owned by Greg Willowbranch who purchased it from the now-dead Carlen Eyonnes.

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The Cracked Crock

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