Temple of Wars

Tallial’s temple is quite small compared to the other major temples of the North. There are few people who worship that grim god, and those who do usually do so in order to AVERT the dangers of his attention rather than draw them. The Temple of Wars has no strict hierarchy or law and each establishment is free to do as it wishes. His temples flourish in places of near-constant warfare, such as Essad or the Free Cities.

All of Tallial’s temples bear a few architectural themes in common. When Tallial is not given a side-chapel within a Hierean temple, his edifices are usually constructed of black iron with as many braziers and torches as room and money will allow.

Tallian clerics are a mysterious lot, usually keeping their faces shielded with great helms in imitation of their god. Their devotions are meant to guarantee success in war or trouble brought down on one’s enemies. They are frequented by the slave-kings of Essad and the generals of the Free Cities more often than in any other lands.

The largest and grandest of all Tallian temples can be found in Essad.

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Temple of Wars

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