(the Oathkeeper, the Just)

Lesser God, LN
Portfolio: Brotherhood, oaths
Aliases: None
Domain Name: The Hall of the Ancestors
Superior: Helda Gryrmodhr
Allies: Skaldi the Maiden
Foes: Mordrig Kinslayer
Symbol: A clenched fist of stone
Worshipper Alignment: Any lawful

Soeri (so-EH-ree) the Oathkeeper is the twin brother of Skaldi the Maiden and together they represent all aspects of dwarven family and kinship. He is implicitly the witness of every dwarven contract, lending an aura of gravity to everything a dwarf may say. Indeed, one of the many reasons dwarves are cagey about giving their word is because Soeri is watching. No dwarf wishes to commit himself to an action that he would not have Soeri hear and thereafter judge if the oath was fulfilled.

Soeri is a familial god, and can often be found represented beside the Earthfather and Stonemother in a dwarven household, right next to his sister, Skaldi. He is said to be the son of Eiri and Helda but unlike his parents and sister he is an exacting deity. He holds no room for mercy nor does he abide by the notion of mitigating circumstances. His law is inflexible, and there is no way one can break an oath and escape him. Soeri’s wrath is said to follow any accursed oathbreaker, dogging him with evil luck till he ends his days.

The Oathkeeper is also said to guard the entrance to the halls of the blessed in the afterlife, and no dwarf who has broken an oath can pass by his iron standard. Those who are turned away are doomed to wander the unlighted halls of the damned, forever cut off from kin and clan.

Soeri himself is depicted as a dwarf of middle age, long in the beard and stern of countenance. He dresses in simple clan-appropriate clothes, humble without being slovenly. He is often associated with the runic letter Othila as well as with the sign of a clenched stone fist.

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