Intermediate God Alignment: NE Portfolio: Secrets, ambition, thieves Dogma: Knowledge is power; never let anyone share your knowledge unless you must Epithets: the Whispered One, the Whisperer, Shadowhaunt

Sernis is a mysterious and secretive god who normally appears as a man with his tongue cut out or throat torn away. It is said he speaks only in whispers. His domain is secrecy, shadow, whispered power. It is unclear what his origins are or whether he was one of the original Aeliö, though it has been hinted in some sources that he was a spirit-servant of Sarnon who won his freedom through clever manipulations. Interestingly, some legends also say he was a spirit-servant of Galos in the days when that God walked the earth as a towering immortal.

However it may be, Sernis is closeted and shadowed. His power over secrets means that in worship, the devoted whisper to him a single secret in hopes they will get one in return. As is befitting a god of this nature, his clerics and temples are occulted, hidden, and those who worship him often pretend to worship some other god in public places where others can see, reserving their rites for the times when they are alone. Worship of Sernis is not outlawed anywhere, though it is extremely suspect as most who worship the god of secrets do so because they have something they want to gain.

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