Size: ~26,000 Government: Aristocracy Militia: Noble retinues

Seagard controls the important saltwater port of Whiteharbor, from which and through which many merchants travel in order to trade with lands all across the White and Great Seas. While it has certainly dwindled since it was the single trade-entry point for goods into Teral, it still remains an important location for merchants trading between the Vales and Thyrnesse, or across the sea.

It is a walled city built in the northern style and ruled by a merchant-aristocracy. The most important merchants of the city form the House of Trade, a coaster that governs all merchant activity within Seagard. The wealthy own land by the docks, building their personal homes only blocks away from the warehouses. Further inland towards the trade-gates, the minor merchants keep their businesses. Thus, the central city is a maze of alleyways and houses the poorer population, as does the outer city located beyond the walls.

There is a single main courtyard in the central city and a small district surrounding it known alternately as the Temple or Government Quarter in which law and order are kept. The Government Quarter houses hereditary aristocrats who do not participate in mercantile activity (save for backing the House of Trade), and is surrounded by an inner wall complete with inner doors that are closed at night to keep riff-raff out.

The central city also houses the famed inn and tavern, The Wheel House.

Amenities. In the lower city, an extremely cheap and seedy tavern known as the Smashed Goblet can be found by the northern wall.

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