Matrona Rosyna Seaworthy

The town of Seabotl is a bustling village devoted to shipping and fishing. There are several large halfling families there, all overseen by the Seaworthies and their Matrona, Rose. The families themselves live in the vast halls in the hills that surround the harbor of Seatbotl, which itself is a small cove or bay.

While Seabotl can only service around one hundred ships at a time, it remains an important stopover point for vessels going to and from Northmount via portage, and even for those ships that are sailing from Seagard to Weyland. Each family owns between five and twenty of the queues, and each family has its own relationship with the merchants that ply this trade route.

There is a central market as well as several above-ground inns for sailors and the like all located right at the waterside near the embankment. A high wooden tower (called the Seaworthy Watch) stands on the tallest hill to bring warning of elf-reavers or other dangers off the sea.

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