Intermediate Goddess Alignment: CG Portfolio: Beauty, art, joy, freedom, love Dogma: Do not harm that which is beautiful. Work hard to make a thing’s interior match its exterior. Epithets: the Rose-knight, the Fair

Raya is the goddess of beauty and artwork. She is perceived by many who do not worship her to be flighty and fickle. However, those who truly understand the dictates of Raya know that she can be as stately and mighty and is as important as the other more important gods. Her worshipers are few and far between, as are her temples, but those that do worship her tend to live somewhat charmed lives. She is known, more than many other Gods or Goddesses, to interfere in the lives of mortals.

Her powers have expanded in recent years with the spread of the Libernian Festival, a summer religious event dedicated to her, during which her clerics are required to offer themselves to any man or woman who pays the goddess for their sexual services.

She is also the goddess of love, and gains many temporary worshipers in the name of that service. Her clerics are a pleasant lot, given to laughter and travel and are fairly likely to wind up adventuring. Her symbol is a lute, and her colors are red and orange.

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