“Petrsbridge sits on a languid fork of the Old River known as Petr’s Branch. It is overlooked by the ivy covered mass of the Green Keep, mouldering there. From it the Lord of the Bridge looks out over the ruined walls and the narrow streets. Of all the towns and cities left within Old Teral, Petrsbridge may be the safest.”

Personal correspondence of Zeno the Wise, Wizard of Petrsbridge, X492

Petrsbridge Wall

The town of Petrsbridge is one of the relics of the Empire. It still has walls, though they are crumbling and poorly kept up. The old Teralian Green Keep is the seat of the Lord of the Bridge, the so-called Duke who claims the town and its outfields as his own. Life in Petrsbridge takes place around the market by the riverside where the farmers sell their food to the small skiffs that pass down the Branch.

There the largest inn in town, the Riverway, just down the road from the market where the road splits and wanders up to the Green Keep. There are several other public houses; of note being the Broached Cask and the Ogre’s Head. The town is also the home of the wizard Zeno, who has proved an admirable ally to Duke Ecimus against the other more powerful nobles (like Duke Magnis at Arx Favona). Just outside of Zeno’s tower is a tavern and boarding-house known as the Retreat that is little frequented save by adventurers and wizards. Zeno is known for his connections amongst the adventuring type.

The city walls are almost full to bursting; Petrsbridge has recovered faster than any other Teralian urban center, mostly due to the safety provided by the Dukes of the Bridge. The town was once a major hosting point for the western armies of Teral and this legacy is remembered by the extensive western garrison building within the town’s walls. The Dukes have used the remnants of the western armies to form a strong but small state around the town.

The physical outline of the town itself is an amorphous circle-like formation around Petr’s Branch. It sits in a small and shallow valley, the walls and the Duke’s Hill being the tallest areas in the town. To the east are the farmer’s fields where the serfs owned by the Duke work alongside the free peasants of the town. Against the northwestern wall but outside it is Gnometown, where a small semi-permanent encampment of Smalwood Gnomes resides.

Within the walls is a road that runs three-fourths the circuit around the town known as the wall-walk. This is both the widest and the filthiest street in town; there is little drainage there, and by order of the Dukes no one is to build any building within fifty feet of the outer wall to provide a defensible locale.

The people of Petrsbridge are an uplifted loft, feeling generally proud of the achievements of their Dukes. Many of the citizens believe Duke Emicus should make a bid to reunite Teral, or at the very last topple Duke Magnis at Arx Favona and remove his dangerous presence for good.

The Necromancer’s cult is very minor here, maintaining only a small temple near the southern wall. Many people of Petrsbridge pay homage to Fortuna, and a large (and growing) shrine is located to her in northwestern corner of the marketplace. Minor idols of Vodei and Vaela can also be found there. Unfortunately, there is only one Fortunan cleric in the city, and he is frequently unavailable as he works as a part-time adventurer.

Zeno’s Tower

A tall square tower of old Teralian style, this was once the tower of the Teralian Archmage Demnus when Petrsbridge was his headquarters during the Social War. Zeno’s tower is visible from almost any point in the city, and a constant reminder of his benevolent guidance.

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