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Northvale is the westernmost of the Vale-lands. It is also the least well settled. Once, it was a nexus of trade centered on the north-south Saltgate road to Seagard and Thyrnesse. However, since the collapse of Teral, the vast army-supply transports that moved through the Vales have ceased. Indeed, the noblemen of Teral barely maintain their dwindling estates – there is no need for an inter-vale trade to head north. As such, Northvale has lost much of its importance to places like Northmount and Michelstadt for trade.

It’s main towns are farming or trapping communities, not trading ones. Beside the Way Inn, there is little of interest for outsiders here. Of course, there are always the ruins of old Teralian remains left behind – Archet’s Tomb, Old Eastwick, and others. And, there is the ever-present danger of the West Wall Range which houses goblins and other nasty creatures that every so often threaten to swarm forth and subsume all the Vale-lands with their violence.

Towns of Northvale

The farming towns of the Northvale were originally independent communities before the arrival of Archet and the Teralian domination. In the centuries following, they were administered from the governor’s vill by Eastwick which became a trading center for Teralian goods, particularly silver mined from Sidunum and copper from Hammer Gully.

After the fall of the Teralian Empire, the little vills once again found themselves without central government, relying instead on groups of selectmen and alderfolk to give them order. However, during the early 5th century the Vales began to see a renewal of local government: Ithonwe Whitecloak was named governor of Northvale after leading an adventuring company (the now-famed White Guidon) to victory over the threat of the dragon Aldezerak, son of the beast Kazmereg. While it is true that Aldezerak was not slain, the mighty Wyrm was still driven over the West Wall to trouble the goblins instead of the Valelanders.

Since the appointment of Ithonwe, the farm towns have offered some tax in form of grains and barleys, butter and apples, and other tax-in-kind. The farms, however, have gone back to individual ownership in the time since the Teralian vills were vacated. There is still a large measure of independence even though the Northvale towns are technically beholden to Eastwick.

1. The Way Inn

2. Thyrlen

3. Steinbend

4. Aversling

5. Varanvill

6. Caver-on-Holston

7. Balwaith

8. Whitfield

9. Blackwood

10. Eastwick

12. Eltdown

15. Hammer Gully

16. Hillbend

29. Hilstop

Ruins and Adventuring Sites

11. Old Eastwick

14. Archet’s Tomb

The Goblin Tunnels

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