Nobility of Thyrnesse

The First Men.

Of old the Avar house known as the Elsoin (a word roughly meaning noble-born or war-chiefs depending on the accepted Varan etymology) ruled Thyrnesse. It was often said that they were descended from the First Men who settled the ancient Empire of Miles. This line ended at the close of the Ninth Age when Ry Hedrion murdered his wife Morrigau and then killed himself. The two had no children, and the rest of the family had been stamped out by their paternal uncles, the Watch-masters of Galoen.

The House of Peppin.

Following the destruction of the line of Elsoin, the Peppinids (former _maior domo_s of that line) took control of Miles. This began the long rise of the House of Peppin (descended from the legendary brood the sea-monster Perovech), originally a rather provincial house from the land near the Inner Sea. In X290 they made a bid to reunite the fractured land of Thyrnesse, calling it Avarine. This unity, however, did not last. By X340 the kingdom was once again torn apart into warring territories when the Peppinids where destroyed by mutual agreement of the Grand Conclave, who felt they were not doing their job of ruling properly.

The House of Galoen.

Raised from the ashes by the Conclave, the poor and disinherited Galoen heirs to the old lines (descended from Rys Morrigau, wife of the Last ElsoĆ­n) are now on the throne of Miles. The Conclave presented them to the struggling Hierophant of Miles, the Hierian priest nominally overseeing religious life within the one-time realm of Thyrnesse. Since X410 the Galoens have ruled Thyrnesse unchallenged.

The current king of Thyrnesse and the Avars, Ry Tamerin III, comes from this line.

The Galoen heirs also still serve as watch-masters of the great Keep of Galoen in Tourons, though this branch of the family has become separately articulated from the royal line. As such, the Watch-master Galoens (who are now also masters of Lomere and Westreth) are now graced with the title of Prince (ie. Prince of Lomere and Westreth, to designate a differentiation from a potential Crown Prince of Miles).

Tamerin III Galoen has been recently declared Emperor (Ymheron, in the oldest Varan forms) and seems to aim to mak ethe Galoen house the sole source of legitimate power in the new Third Empire.

The House of Galoen’s heraldic sign is the Stag Crown of the Avars upon a red field. The cadet branch to which the Prince of Lomere and Westreth is heir has a lesser crown above a fortress upon a silver field.

The House of Amvor.

The Duchy of Seareach has been under the care of the mighty and ancient House of Amvor since the Sixth Age. The current Duke, Theolus, is a strong opponent of Ardon Ry Tamerin III and his strategies. The loyal vassalmen of House Amvor have ever protested the aggressive policies of their kings. Seareach has suffered from depletion of manpower and taxes used to support wars that the Seareach Merchant’s League wishes were rather not fought. Indeed, the Dukes of Seareach once joined a rebellion against House Elsoin several hundred years ago.

The Dukes of Seareach have two carracks facing one another upon a blue field with a golden spear impaling the lot.

The House of Anarjent.

The Duchy of Goldhook is ruled by the House of Anarjent, recently raised to this status by the new Galoen kings in order to have a loyal family close by the royal seat at Miles. Before the rise of the Galoen line, the Anarjent’s were minor sheriffs of northern Goldhook, and thus they are commonly looked down upon as royal lackies by the other Dukes and magnates of Thyrnesse. However new they may be to power, Goldhook’s rich mining industry gives them a great deal of wealth and it is rumored that the Anarjent’s private treasury rivals the king’s own. (See Duke Darius Anarjent)

The Dukes of Anarjent bear ten golden pillars (the Thyrnessan coin) upon a checkered field of red and blue.

The House of Paix.

The Duchess of Paix bears a downturned axe upon a field of green with a blue chevron.

The House of Taerlen.

The Taerlen’s are minor nobility in the region of Lonely Lands in Northern Thyrnesse. They hold lands bordering the Byrnish Wastes and therefore are responsible for watching and holding the border-lands. Their eldest son, Julius, vanished in X. 500 and has yet to be found. With him went a good deal of the strength of House Taerlen, leaving the north border somewhat undefended.

The barons of Taerlen bear three brown stones on a golden field.

The House of Radcliffe.

A minor house whose barons rule Thorny at Radcliffe.

The House of Karrel.

The House of Pellan.

The House of Savont.

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Nobility of Thyrnesse

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