Leesha Roseheart

(Roseheart, the Laughing)

Greater God, NG
Portfolio: Wanderlust, farming halflings
Aliases: None
Domain Name: The Great Groves, Outlands
Superior: None
Allies: Pogrillius Tosscobble
Foes: Ezishaya
Symbol: A heart entwined with roses
Worshiper Alignment: Any good

Leesha (LEE-shuh) Roseheart is the mother of halflings and gnomes, the lady of Laughter, and the lusty patron lady of all farmers and farms. She is said to have a companion in the form of a silver cat who is known as the protector of farmlands.

Leesha has been unfaithful to her husband Topaz Firegem in her time, laying with such varied folk as Lapris Cleverfingers, Pogrillius Tosscobble and, some say, Eiri Earthfather.

She is prone to defending the halfling-folk to the point of manifestation and no one, not even Haeron, can stand in her way. She is the unofficial head of the smallfolk pantheon, and her might is unmatched by any of their deities. Indeed, she can stand against the Felnumen themselves if she must.

Leesha appears as a halfling herself, heavy yet beautiful. It is said that her smile can bring peace to all things that see it and that her touch can awaken the very roots and vines of the earth. Her command is said to extend over weather and the very growing things.

She has been known to approve of halfling and gnomish heroes and promote them to the status of gods. The smallfolk pantheon began quite humbly with Topaz, Leesha, and Quilian representing the only true deities. Over time, smallfolk heroes were given the rank of demi- and full gods by Leesha.

In the smallfolk afterlife, which is of course the mythical Greensward, it is said that Leesha grows the Apples of Dusk which give her favored heroes their immortality. The Apples, long-sought by the Felnumen and their disgusting schemes, seem to be akin to the tallfolk’s stories of the Font of Life.

The Church
Clergy: Stouthearts (specialty priests), warriors, warrior/thieves
Clergy’s Alignment: Any good
Turn Undead: Yes
Command Undead: No

Leesha’s temples are generally lavish affairs, well-decorated with grains, cereals, and fruit-of-the-vine. They are often made of wood, though more ancient ones may be constructed of stone. In all cases, vines and flowers will be found in abundance.

The temple of Leesha is ubiquitous amongst smallfolk, almost more so than any other temple. All smallfolk know her name and hew to her teachings first and foremost. She is the lady of wanderlust, but also of caring work and loving your neighbor (in some senses).

Stouthearts serve every smallfolk community; marriage must be done in the eyes of a Southeart, who binds the two parties together, death ceremonies are celebrated with the aid of a Stoutheart, as are births. They are the most common form of priests amongst halflings and gnomes.
 Leesha’s church believes in an intensely intimate relationship with the mother-goddess which rarely needs mediating through the clergy. Smallfolk leave dishes of milk for the Silver Cat, pray to Leesha for rains or good harvests, and generally keep their faith in small but important ways. Ceremony is saved for festival days and holy-days, marriages and deaths, births and harvests.

All Leeshan clerics are also trained in the long and epic history of the smallfolk, taught the stories of their ancestors and their migration from the semi-mythical Greensward to the world of Arunia. They learn the names of every smallfolk hero and can recite the ancient legends, usually with aplomb.

Dogma: Leesha teaches that the living growing world is a place of wonder. She preaches kindness to smallfolk and unremitting destruction to the despoilers of their homes: kobolds and gnolls. Those who follow her believe that goodness comes from within, that the strength of a pure heart is more powerful than any evil.

Of course, this dogma relents in the face of the pure hatred she holds for Felnumen. Followers of Leesha will gleefully slaughter gnolls or kobolds, and even extend this hatred to evil giants and giant-kin.

There is no mercy or quarter given to gnolls or kobolds by any Leeshan (as indeed most smallfolk would never even think of giving these monsters quarter) though the question of evil giants is debatable. Throughout history, however, these creatures have been so destructive to the way of life of the smallfolk (gnolls eat halflings and sometimes gnomes as well, while kobolds seek out gnomes for the slaughter) that the Leeshans see it as their duty to destroy them.

Day-to-Day Activities: Stouthearts tend their temples, but they also tend the every-day needs of their parish. Whether or not someone is a member of the inner cult of Leesha, Stouthearts are often found granting aid (both labor and monetary) to those in need.

Their most common duties are to help till the soil, fertilize it, or bless it. In addition to this, however, they can often be found helping at any worksites in a smallfolk village.

There are those Leeshans who travel, embodying the Roseheart’s penchant for journeys and sojourners. These stoutheart priests take to the open road to do good deeds and bring Leesha’s peace to the world. Itinerating Leeshan priests generally travel from smallfolk settlement to smallfolk settlement and accept payment for their services in the form of food or lodging.

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies: The Leeshans have several major holy-days throughout the year. The first and most prominent is the beginning of spring; on the 1st of Thaw, the smallfolk celebrate the Feast of the Greensward which heralds the return of life to the land.

Secondary festival days generally fall on or near their counterparts in the Milean calendar.

Major Centers of Worship:

Affiliated Orders:

Priestly Vestments:

Adventuring Garb:

Stoutheart of Leesha
(Specialty Priest)

REQUIREMENTS: Wisdom 9, Charisma 10
WEAPONS: Bill-hook, sickle, scythe, staff, club, net, spear
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Animal, Guardian, Healing, Plant, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Wards, Weather
MINOR SPHERES: Charm, Combat, Elemental, Necromantic
MAGICAL ITEMS: Any priestly or druidic
REQ. PROFS: Farming
BONUS PROFS: Religion (Leesha), Ancient History (halflings)

At 1st level, priests of Leesha may use a soothing word to calm anyone under the effect of fear (nonmagical or magical) over the course of one round.

At 3rd level, the Stoutheart becomes immune to fear. She may pass without trace through any farmland.

At 5th level, the Stoutheart and any companions may travel as though on a forced march for one day every week with no ill effects. Additionally, she may create food and water three times per week.

At 7th level, the Stoutheart may increase her constitution by one point to a maximum of 18.

At 10th level, the Stoutheart recovers a number of d6 hp on a day of solid rest equal to her level.

At 15th level, the Stoutheart may, once per day, awaken one tree that she touches in much the same way that a treant does. This tree fights as a treant of 12 HD and returns to an inanimate state after one hour or if it moves more than 60 yards from the Stoutheart.

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Leesha Roseheart

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