“Let every dwarf who can carry a pick come to the Hraedborg! Let every dwarf who can carry a hammer come to the Hraedborg! We need sword-dwarves and spear-dwarves aplenty! Let all brave sons of the Earth come to the Hraedborg; let all brave daughters of the Stone watch its walls!”

Edda of the Haugrund, IX 1010

The Gate-warden of Hraedborg

The Hraedborg is a colony of dwarves about five hundred years old. It dominates the Haugrund in terms of size and culture. Most of the region’s trade is centered at the gates of the Hraedborg and it has become renowned for the strength of its defenses. While there have been conflicts with the local men and even the city of EmenĂ«, the Hraedborg dwarves have no predisposition towards violence.

Of course, the Haugrund is a wild place, and the wilds are often populated with goblins come over from the Goblin Lands and even sometimes a stray giant or two down from Umbrinol. The Hraedborg is viewed as the center of law and order in the area due to the fact that the dwarves often issue forth in strength to keep their hills free of goblin armies. It is not a rare sight to see dwarven patrols in Haugrund, all clan-kin of the Hraedborg.

It also controls several lesser settlements throughout the region. Interestingly, the Hraedborg has no Aitlaird to rule over it. Instead, the clans convene at the Temple of Eiri to discuss matters, each sending their elders. Decisions are made collectively in the sight of the Colony Stone.

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