Heimiran Abbey Abbot: Hughbrecht Maior

The abbey at Heimirstead is built upon a bluff overlooking the confluence of two rivers and within an ancient gigantine ringwall. The abbey itself was established in X.327 by the young Heimiran Brother Jahn Orethe; before that period it was simply a ruin called Giantstone. The ruin was revamped and by X.335-6 an abbey was officially established there.

The abbey as it stands today owes its existence directly to the Aelleflax Queens, and is thus not technically part of the Erldom. It pays royal, not baronial, taxes and is judicially outside of the Erl’s control. That hasn’t stopped the old halfling in charge of the place, Hughbrecht, from forming a deep friendship with the erl.

The monastery contains some three hundred and twenty monks, all of whom live on the property behind the giant’s wall. It is comprised of a massive vaulted stone brewhouse, a huge temple to the Laughing God (with adjoining chapterhouse), and a number of cloisters built off to one side. There is also, of course, the standard Traveler’s House at the wall as well, lush and well tended for any who wish to stay there.

Beyond the wall, there is a huge field of barley and wheat tended by monastic dependents that make up a small town (Heimirsted Proper) while the Heimiran Abbey rules over both the town and the attendant orchards. The rents are low, generally being in the form of fruits and grains in order for the monks to make into beer. Most of the money that the monastery earns comes from the sale of its product, known as the Stedbrew.


Abbot: Hughbrecht Maior (halfling cleric of Heimir)
Brother Purser: Saemon Dublayn (human cleric of Heimir)
Brother Lictor: Lairnea AquaeleƤ (elf cleric of Heimir)
Brother Hopsman: Aldus Tyrne (human cleric)
Brother Brewmaster: Galtheran Agarn (gnome cleric)
Brother Herbalist: Oswyn (human cleric)

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