Halfling Religion

“When Machnanen raised his blade, the giants trembled! ‘Ooo,’ said he, ‘So you’ve heard of the mighty Machnanen?’”

Halfling Tales, Songs of the Sward

Religion amongst halflings has many aspects that, not surprisingly, it shares with Dwarven and Gnomish religion. As these races have been in close contact (collectively known as the Smallfolk) since the Fifth Age it is only natural that their religious practices should’ve developed in similar routes.

Like Gnomes and Dwarves, halfling religion places heavy emphasis on stories and folklore. Unlike the more formal setting of the Dwarven Eddas and Poetics, however, halflings prefer songs to express their religious devotion. These are not like the elvish songs, but rather are country ballads relating to the ancient paradise of the Greenfield (or the Greensward).

Halfling clerics tell stories to the children of their communities concerning Machnanen the Giant Slayer and Beryl Ironfoot the Gnoll-Bane. They speak of the streams and waving grasses, the idyllic Greensward, untroubled by the other civilizations for ages and ages. This, of course, always brings halflings back to their mother, Leesha Roseheart, who made the Sward for them and watched them as the Matrona of all Halflings in the mythical town of Greenford.

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Halfling Religion

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