Grand Conclave

“Magic is poison to the uninitiated. Magic is darkness and chaos to the untrained mind. Like all power, magic is a source of danger but also a source of wonder. We must ensure that the mages of the North never represent a source of danger the way they once did. That is our purpose, that is our message. Let us never forget that, for in so doing we will open ourselves up to the chaos and the darkness that gripped the world so often in the earlier Ages.”

Lectures on the Conclave, Crisby the Magnificient, 9th Age

Founded by the wizard Crisby after his reappearance in the Ninth Age, the Conclave is a regulatory body for the most powerful wizards of the northerly regions of Arunë. At any given time the Conclave has been composed of between two and twelve mages.

The wizards of the Grand Conclave are not of the same level or caliber as those one may meet in the wild. They are the greatest of wizards in the North, and many of them have augmented this extreme power with various trinkets and magical devices. Such is their will that they are often understood to be a sort of secret society, moving through the shadows and manipulating the events of the world. It has been whispered that the least of their number could devastate entire countrysides or raise armies of the dead to combat whole legions.

Current members of the Conclave include,

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Grand Conclave

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