Fegaro's Battle Seat of Marvels

Fegaro di Lornn was a mage of no small repute during the 3rd century of the Tenth Age. He served as one of the wizards on the Protectorate Council of Dorlinum (now known as the Wizard Council of Dorlan) for most of his life. He was renowned both as a wizard and as a commander of men.

Towards the end of his life, however, he began to take greater and greater joy in food. He found himself, at the ripe old age of seventy three, too obese to ride out to battle with the Protectorate War Host against their enemies. However, he could hardly command the army from the pleasant seat in his high hall in Orana. His solution was the Battle Seat, a wooden frame bedecked in pillows (with arms to rest his goblet on) that would hover under its own mobility for some time during battle, allowing him to glide from place to place and add well-timed spells to the fray.


A rider of a Battle Seat may activate it for three hours a day (or three combats, whichever is shorter) and it will lift off the ground, floating him hither and thither with a simple shift of the rider’s weight. The trade off here is that the Battle Seats are generally slower than walking on foot, lending them a movement speed of 10; they also have a poor maneuverability rating© requiring some space to turn. However, as a bonus to rider, there is never any terrain penalty when flying in a Battle Seat.

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Fegaro's Battle Seat of Marvels

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