In Halmorin before the tower

Kurtukag displayed his power:

the fountain cracked, the arches fell,

poison dripped into the well,

and the waters of Halmorin were foul;

Yet Kurtukag let out a howl

as the guardians of elf-lord’s seat

pierced his scales with with’ring heat

for mages of that place were three.

They spake the words of blasting spells,

their voices echoed in the fells,

and in the north Zanbuz grinned

as he thought his rival pinned.

—The Ballad of Sylvasil Eldispellion, Eighth Age

The Tower of Nostorin

As Tailimisä holds to the ancient ways of the elves, so too did Sylvasil. Beyond the Burning Mountains, Sylvasil was the gem of the Greatwood elves and from the capital in Halmorin (also called Vailata) ruled the mage-lords of Sylvasil, the most ancient and revered of rulers since the 3rd Age.

Early in the 7th Age the glories of Sylvasil came to an end; first the kingdom was rocked by civil war with Tailimisiä (a presage of the War of the Moon that was to come) and then it was brought low at last by a pair of dragons who had arranged to destroy its defenders to gain access to its legendary wealth.

Sylvasil is now known as Elnuril, dragon-haunt. It is said that the two dragons who destroyed the glory of the elves still live within the ruined land, poisoning its waters and ruling over the evils that have come to live there. If this is true, then perhaps it is also true that they still seek dominance, one over the other, to contest the ownership of all Sylvasil’s treasure. Return to Regions and Places or the Main Page.


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