(the Peaceful, the Concordant)

Lesser Goddess, NG
Portfolio: Peace, harmony
Aliases: None
Domain Name: The Hall of Peace
Superior: Haeron
Allies: Aros, Heimir
Foes: Tallial, Halor
Symbol: A balanced golden scale
Worshipper Alignment: Any good

Eiríni (eye-RINN-ee) the Peaceful was a spirit of Valingas, elevated by Haeron himself to preserve the peace of men after the end of the first great war against Lumia. She is a calm goddess, serene even in the face of the grossest insults. She cares little for the world as it is, though the taboo against breaking the peace in one of her temples is so great that many scholars believe she would actually manifest to punish the offenders.

She appears as a teenage girl with long golden hair and pale blue eyes. Her very image is considered sacred, and those who defy her strictures of peace within their sight can expect her brutal vengeance.

The Church
Clergy: clerics
Clergy’s Alignment: NG
Turn Undead: Yes
Command Undead: No

The temple of Eiríni is an extremely small organization, but far scattered. Its chief edifice is in Bataille, at the Stone of Concord. There, the temple was refounded during the Second Empire and spread with the waves of Milean colonization. The chief priest of Eiríni sits at the Treaty Stone temple with her council of eight, adjudicating various internal temple matters.

However, since the temple has few duties and fewer clerics, there is little politicking that occurs within it. Indeed, the priests of Eiríni are so rare that it is sometimes considered a blessing just to see one.

Their various scattered temples are governed by council of elder priests (known as the Councils of Peace). These Councils of Peace are inordinately powerful, often affecting the entire political structure of kingdoms they reside in. They are a stabilizing force, always seeking peace and diplomatic solutions to violence.

Dogma: Seek harmony.

Day-to-Day Activities: The priests of Eiríni have no true duties other than to enforce treaties and allow their temples to be used as neutral ground. For this reason, they often take up healing, meditation, or politics.

Major Centers of Worship: The Treaty Stone/The Stone of Concord, Bataille.

Affiliated Orders: None

Priestly Vestments: Priests of Peace wear brown and yellow robes with the sign of the Balance hanging around their throats.

Adventuring Garb: Adventuring priests of Peace are extraordinarily rare. They have no set garments, but they often wear the Balance in prominent places, usually made of gold.

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