Druidic Order

Deity: Seniä/Eminea, Aloran; to a lesser extent Tulä

Alignment: TN

High Druid

The disorganized and scattered followers of Aloran are not the only clerics who revere him. There are those who eschew his lawful nature hew only to the balance; these are the Druids. Wood elves, men, and half-elves from wood elvish stock can become druids. Druids are often leaders of wood elven tribes and are granted honorary titles such as Warden, Watcher, or Vigil Keeper. The druids are thought by many to be the joint-clerics of Aloran and Seniä both, watchers over nature.

Their so-called order is loosely affiliated and based around small local “circles” which look after the land. They are not often to be found in Thyrnesse (though rumors persist of a druidic circle operating in the Southern Hamlets) but in the wilder lands they are more common. Wilderlund and Weyland are both well-known for the presence of druids in their lands. The Weylic kings have, since the time of the Tarveds, made obeisance and presented gifts to the druidic circle there.

Regular canon clerics of Aloran and Seniä recognize Druids as a superior order to their own and often respect them a great deal. Druids are committed to the balance in a way that most canon clerics cannot be. Other druids can recognize members of their order through the symbols that they wear (all druids wear a leaf-shaped pin or broach of worked metal and carry a staff or club with the holy sign of Aloran inscribed into it).

The order of druids itself bows down to one leader above all, no matter the circle. This is the Green Hierophant, a being thought to be the incarnation of Aloran himself. The Green Hierophant never stays in one place long, but brings word of the outside world to the most reclusive of druids circles and perhaps even carries messages from the god himself.

The wood elves believe that druidism is the most ancient and pure form of the wood elvish religion, practiced since before the coming of the First Men. They claim that the men who practice it are converts to the elvish way of life, much like the Wind Elves are converts to the mannish way of life. This may very well be true, as the most ancient of the ents in Tailimisiä and Rootwood sometimes speak of the “young elf-priests” from the dawn of time.

While nominally the servants of Seniä, it should be noted that druids also revere Tulä and, to a much lesser extent Anunë.

The Druids and the Gods

Druids worship Seniä above all others, and perform rites to her. However, their power does not descend from her in the way that the powers of a normal cleric descend from his patron. Rather, druidic power wells upwards from the land itself, the domain of Seniä. The druids see themselves not as giving obeisance to a godly master, but rather as participating in an ancient system of reciprocation. Druids believe it is their place to keep the world in balance, to prevent the ruination of the wilderness but likewise to prevent the destruction of the civilized races.

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Druidic Order

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