Map of Dorlan

“The territory of Dorlinum harkens back to the First and Second Empire when it stretched from what is now the Vales all the way to the northern border of Essad. Dorlan proper, as it is known in this day and age, was unified in X188 by a group of sorcerers who feared what would happen if Teral advanced any further north into their lands. These regional magical magnates banded together and tore down the tiny kingdoms in that area, establishing the Protectorate Of Dorlinum, now known simply as Dorlan.

“The protectorate fostered a strong pro-magical attitude and only prominent wizards could obtain the highest degrees of civil government for nearly a century. The Protectorate had begun as a haven for wizards in the Dorlish highlands, but by X213 the plains and swamps of old Dorlinum were incorporated into the administrative bulk of the Protectorate. It is only recently (X398-9) that the region known as the Dorlish Marches came under Protectorate control.

“Furthermore, in X217 the Protectorate Council (the Council of Mages in modern Dorlish) decided that only wizards had the wisdom and foresight to serve as civil servants. All governmental positions, therefore, by decree can only be filled by wizards of at least some skill. This in turn caused the construction of the College of Wizardry in X250 to serve as a training center for both administrators and wizards alike.

“The history of Dorlan is inextricably tied up with the history of its wizards.”

The Sorcerers of Dorlan, Elayne di Tyrolin, X478

A northern Mageocracy, where the Emerald Temple maintains its largest temple and library. The land of Dorlan is run by the Council of Mages – while they are not as powerful individually as the Grand Conclave, they still represent a quite mighty force in the North. Indeed, the Council often bends to the will of the Conclave, recognizing a greater wisdom in the restraint of magical force.

The ruling class of Dorlan is composed entirely of wizards of lesser or greater training. The Council employs a variety of tutors to train civil-service families and those who can afford private lessons in the art of magic. Dorlan still maintains a large population of laborers (both skilled and un-) to farm, make crafts, etc.

Dorlish cities are resplendent with wealth – as one of the largest concentrations of wizards in the North, the Dorls do a brisk trade in magical devices, items, and knowledge.

Dorlan itself is divided into several major districts or regions, each of which has a powerful wizard known as a Vecchio or Vecchia that serves on the Council of Mages.

The Dorls are also very fond of hair dyes and the wealthy (or noble or both) often dye their hair bright (and unnatural) colors such as bright reds, greens, or blues. Dorlish fashion tends to run towards shorter half-cloaks and high seamed tunics to allow for more of the hose to show beneath. Indeed, patterned hose is known as “Dorlish patchwork” or “Dorlish motley” due to its original development and currently prevalent style in the region of Treno.

Regions of Dorlan:

  • The capital district of Silano

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