Cosmology of Dragons

Written by the secretive halfling researcher and scholar, Jamelyn Rainwater, the Cosmology of Dragons records the bits and pieces of ancient Draconic religion the halfling has been able to fit together from his lifetime of studying Wyrmish ruins.

The Creation and the Egg of the World

In Draconic myth and legend, I have found, all things mystical are (unsurprisingly) attributed to dragons of some kind or another. For instance, unlike the ancient riddle of the Sun and Moon that the elves tell, for Dragons these heavenly bodies are eggs from which the Dragons of Balance hatched. See my translation of the Words of Creation from the Draconian temple located on the Isle of Tears:

The Mother-Wyrm came in the darkness and was made full with pregnancy. She deposited four eggs of obsidian into the darkness. After she left them for another place, the children within stirred. The egg of Earth was largest, but the child inside it did not have the strength to break free. He waits there still, trapped within the shell of his birth. Then opened the first egg, black and mysterious [editor’s note: This is the “dark moon” spoken of by Dragons. While most modern people do not subscribe to the two moon cosmological theories, the so-called dark moon was once used to explain irregularities in the tides and certain (currently unexplained) eclipses.] and from it grew the Dragon of Decay. From the next egg came the golden dragon, the Wyrm of Creation. His egg shone brightly, and was made into the Sun. The third dragon born came from an egg that turned silvery, and was the Dragon of Balance. His egg was the Moon.

So we can see that the Earth itself is seen as a dragon-egg in the Draconic cosmology. Some mages (particularly those in Dorlan) who study ancient Wyrmish believe that this is no myth, but actual fact. They say the tides of underground seas are the breathing of the Dragon of Earth in his perpetual slumber.

Indeed, the world tree Asca-Irminsul appears in the Wyrmish legends as well, planted by the Dragon of Creation as his first act. Arrogantly, the draconic religion seems to indicate that the Gods the rest of the races (besides Giants and Trolls, of which Dragons seem to have little to say) were created BY their Dragon-Gods.

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Cosmology of Dragons

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