College of Wizardry


The civil servants of Dorlan are all wizards and mages of at least some capability–service in the government is forbidden for those who are not trained in magic. While many nobles across the country use private tutors to pass the fearful Service Exams, the College of Wizardry is also a well-known place for Dorlan’s future politicians to be trained.

The College always accepts a small number of non-nobility into its ranks every year. This is where the infamous Giulior Allate was trained to be a minor magician before he became a powerful government official.

The University of Battle and Tactics

Wizards who train in this University at the College expect to answer the call of the Vecchio to lead troops into combat in Dorlan or elsewhere. Graduates are known as Battle Mages and vary greatly from the standard magical training received elsewhere whether through formal institutions like the Orvean Academy or the College or informal ones, such as an apprentice.

Battle Mages are less adept at the mystical art; however, they are trained in combat and tactics as well as swordsmanship. In game terms, a graduate of the University of Battle and Tactics follows a wizard’s XP table. The Battle Mage’s THAC0 decreases like that of a rogue. For the purposes of determining available spells however, the Battle Mage advances as though one level lower. This means at first level a Battle Mage may KNOW spells, but have no access to them.

The College has a strong rivalry with the Orvean Academy on the far coast.

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College of Wizardry

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