Coast of Scythes

“20th Swording; The Emperor and his retinue crossed the Bloody Tide today. The lords of Colona have surrendered their arms and pledged their allegiance to the new Third Empire. There was also a ragged priest of Vodei there who spoke for the Coast of Scythes. The Colonies have come into the Empire.”

Personal Journal, Ameus Orante, Sword-Captain of the Order of the Sword Militant

The Coast of Scythes

The Coast of Scythes is the most dangerous and unsettled region of the southern territories that recently came into the Empire. It’s most important feature is a massive temple to Vodei, the Waverider, which stands overlooking the rugged coastline. The cities of the Scythes region were mostly independent of one another, subsisting off of vast hinterlands and ruled by local nobles. Since the conquest of the territory, many lesser nobles of the Empire have been dispatched to become the will of the Emperor in the region.

The Emperor has chosen a new territorial capital for the Coast, the city of Razeya that straddles the regions largest road, the Colonial Highway. From there rules the newly installed territorial Governor, the nobleman Evonus Renar.

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Coast of Scythes

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