“Sing my sons of the land of heart’s soul/ Sing my daughters of the rivers that carried us/ Sing my children that place beneath the leaves/ Our sorrow is called Cathadria/ Our sorrow is never ending/ The trees will drink our tears/ The moss shall drink our blood.”

Oral Tradition of the Blackwood Elves, Song of Lost Cathadria

The ruined city of Cathadria was once inhabited by many many elves. They survived the Bleeding Plague but could not survive the Social War of Teral. When the all-important trade routes through the Vale lands collapsed, so did the economy of Cathadria. The population did not vanish, however – many left for the kingdom of Iiriem, called Harp-joy by men. Those that did not joined the rag-tag group of Wood Elves that lived in Blackwood.

What remains is only the ruined shell of the abandoned city, tall spires and deep cisterns, some of which may still contain treasure. There is a small group of Dosä who live outside the ruins of Cathadria, itinerating among small campsites varying from a mile to five away from the ruins. They also have taken it on themselves to warn passers-by about the danger presented by the ruin, which has been reclaimed by the wilds since the Plague.

The word itself is Varan, based from the simple root meaning elf place (Cathasír dréa, thus Cathadria in the northern dialect). The elf-word for the city is Gwydárlieu, meaning the wood-city.

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